England - London

The country that Thai people wish to visit once But before traveling to England Is there anything you should know first?

Many people would like to go to the cold, touch the snow and watch the city adorned with a variety of colorful lights. In the English noble city So, today, rabbit finance will bring friends to travel to England. And will take you to check in the prominent landmark In London, but before going to do a Schengen visa first.

  1. Save traveling costs With public transportation

Whether you are traveling within the capital Or different cities Can easily travel - come With public transport services Both trains and buses are economical, convenient, super value.

  1. London pass

Is a special ticket for visiting various tourist attractions That can be purchased together with public transportation costs at all

  1. Travelcard

This card is issued by the British Department of Transportation. Can be used with public transport services, in general, Is a disposable paper card Which can be purchased both daily Or many days according to the number of days we will use the service

  1. Oyster card

This card can be used as a travel card, but there are different points that Area plastic service card That can be refilled for use

  1. Avoid using public transportation during expensive tickets.

Each day there will be a period that he called "Rush hour", which is the morning between 6.30 - 9.30 hrs. And the evening between 16.00-19.00 hrs. This bus can save a lot of time.