Hongkong Travel guide.

But going to travel to Hong Kong Should learn some information about Hong Kong Will be prepared properly Because if you don't know anything about Hong Kong, it's bad. Because it may cause you to Encountered a problem while traveling in Hong Kong.

  1. Exchange rate

Hong Kong uses HK $ or Hong Kong dollars. With an average exchange rate of around 1 HKD = 4.5 baht before traveling to Hong Kong. That is where the exchange is cheap, the most worthwhile because if we use a lot, the parts will go a lot too. And for those who would like to go Swipe shopping credit cards in Hong Kong. Exchange rates are slightly added.

For example, the exchange rate of 1 coin = 4.50 baht, but when swiping the card When he comes to collect, will be more expensive by the exchange rate of 1 coin = 4.60 - 4.65 baht

  1. Weather conditions

Is another important information for traveling No matter which country Because it is a measure of "fashion" of us ever Because choosing clothes, shoes, bags depends on the weather in all

No one wants to wear expensive shoes. Went to rain in Hong Kong Until the shoes slipped Recommend Hong Kong weather website with this website. ** weather.gov.hk ** Guaranteed accuracy Because it is the website of the Hong Kong Meteorological Department.

  1. Power plug

In Hong Kong, he uses the lighting system like our house, which is a 3-pin shape with 220-volt power. Therefore, the normal conversion head can be used immediately.

Anyone going to sleep in the hotel is worried because there will always be a head to borrow by calling the front desk or House Keeping.