Taiwan - Taipei

Taiwan, a small country that is rich in nature and culture. Suitable for short-term travel as possible.

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. Located in the northern part of the island Is a very popular tourist city today Taipei is known as the center of politics, economy, and culture of Taiwan.

  1. Language

Taiwan used Mandarin Chinese Is the official language There is also the use of Hokkien or Fu Jia language in some areas as well. Therefore, for ease of travel, We may have to write down frequently used terms, such as asking for a product price extension. In order to communicate with local people more

  1. Weather Taiwan has a similar climate to Thailand. With an average temperature of 22 degrees, allowing travel throughout the year But during the months of October - May can travel more comfortably Because from June to September, there may be rain due to the rainy season.

  2. Traveling in Taipei

Traveling in Taipei is considered very convenient because it can choose from a variety of travel options.

 - buses

 - MRT

 - Kaohsiung Kaohsiung BTS (for Kaohsiung City)

 - TRA train (running across the province from north to south)

 - THSR high-speed train (running across the province)

 - U-Bike public bicycle

Which each fare is inexpensive There are also many promotions to choose from as well.