Travel Delay

Flight delay! How to response fight delay in 3 steps. You must phone to call center if flight delayed more than 2 hours, you can check the response of Airline. Your life will safely buy travel insurance to protect damage all trip and flight delay.

Meaning and definition of a flight delay. A flight delay is when an airline flight takes off or lands later than its scheduled time.

What do we do? If a Flight cancellation and delay. We’ve got a few tips to help you deal with the delays.

3 Step response flight delay

When the flight to be delayed.

First you must call the airline immediately and ask more information.

Second, you find out what you’re entitled to. If the delay is less than 3 hours, they may give you vouchers for food.

Finally, If flight cancellation occurs when the airline does not operate the flight at all for a certain reason. Cause this flight delay can make your travel is not enjoyed. So that the best way for your trip, You must buy travel insurance.